Caffe Cittadella (Crossroads)

Caffe Cittadella (Cambie and Broadway, Crossroads)I call the area near Broadway and Cambie “Crossroads”. Maybe it’s the improper name. But it’s not the Olympic Village. So technically, it’s a little bit of “no-man’s-land”. Yet it houses some really cool shops, restaurants AND the best hidden gem in regards to coffee shops this side of Take 5 Cafe. Yes, I’m talking about Caffe Cittadella espresso-bar & bistro.

I loved this little coffee shop ever since I walked past it with my friend Erica Hargreave (and once I was there I realized, it’s really not THAT small of a coffee shop). While I didn’t get to try all the extensive menu, I managed to get an iced mocha coffee that tasted like pure glory on a hot afternoon.

Caffe Cittadella (Cambie and Broadway, Crossroads)

I sat with one of my very best friends, AF (who has been my friend through thick and thin, and whom I met WAY before I was ever online), to enjoy a lovely coffee and relax at Caffe Cittadella.

Caffe Cittadella (Cambie and Broadway, Crossroads)

The patio is extremely spacious and is very receptive to all sorts of people. I saw young families with their kids, elderly people, young people, folks from all walks of life. I really love Caffe Cittadella and I will have to bring more friends by and perhaps have lunch here.

Caffe Cittadella (Cambie and Broadway, Crossroads)

Caffe Cittadella (Cambie and Broadway, Crossroads)The fact that the owner is extremely friendly, the staff is super prompt, the coffee is fantastic AND the decoration is sublime (you should know that Cittadella Caffe is housed in the Shaw House, which received a certificate as designated heritage from the City of Vancouver). I’m totally fascinated and charmed by this wonderful coffee shop.

My good friend AF paid for her and my coffee on her own dime.

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