Sea Monstr Sushi (Gastown)

Sea Monstr Sushi (Gastown)I love the fact that my friends almost always have the same adventurous approach to eating out. I hadn’t checked out Sea Monstr Sushi in Gastown, and I had wanted to try it for a long while. My good friends Ashleigh Smith and Chris Walts had just returned from a month in Peru, and thus we agreed to meet at Sea Monstr Sushi for a bite to eat. Not sure why, I wasn’t really too hungry, but I wanted to see them, so we met up there. Sea Monstr Sushi is a quaint little place, so don’t expect huge decorations or a very fancy, flashy restaurant location. But the sushi it serves is very good and the service is really excellent.

I ordered a Sushi Combo ($9.00) and 1 piece of salmon nigiri ($2.50). My combo brought along a few pieces of California roll, spicy tuna roll and some salmon roll bits. It also included a miso soup.

Sea Monstr Sushi (Gastown)

I loved in particular the spicy tuna sushi roll, fresh, tasty, spicy and just the right amount of rice. The miso soup was really flavourful and not very salty (a negative characteristic I have found in some restaurants’ sushi combos).

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Disclosure: I paid for my dinner on my own dime.

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