The Rumpus Room (Main Street, Mount Pleasant)

The highest concentration of hipsters per square foot in a room, the friendliest and nicest service, and the tastiest burgers in a fairly large perimeter around Mount Pleasant can be found at The Rumpus Room on 11th Avenue and Main Street. Recently renovated, apparently, because I recall that there was another establishment there (one that I thought of writing about because it always seemed so… lonely).

I asked around on Twitter on where to have dinner close to my house (I have been working from home for a day and a half, when I’m polishing papers, literature reviews, journal articles or syllabi I often do this – lock myself at home). But nobody mentioned a restaurant I hadn’t visited yet, so what I did is I went to The Rumpus Room (on my friend Heather Watson‘s suggestion).

The restaurant itself is decorated totally hipster, but it’s so relaxed it’s almost unnoticeable. I sat on a very comfy reclining chair and ordered a standard burger ($9) with a potato salad side. I found the prices extremely reasonable. The potato salad was extremely well done, perhaps one of the best I’ve ever tried. Not crazy about the celery, but the creamy dressing complimented very nicely the sometimes a bit dry kaiser.

It was totally my fault that I didn’t order any toppings on my burger (speaking of which, they use hormone-free, free-range meat, just as an FYI – important these days). I felt a lot of garlic flavour and the beef patty was very moist and cooked (as they say) to perfection. I definitely think if I add roasted garlic (one of the toppings that The Rumpus Room offers) and probably some avocado, a basic burger can be a total heaven.

Dinner at The Rumpus Room

After dinner I absolutely had no space for dessert. The bartender and server both were extremely sweet and told me about their Sunday movie nights. Good times, I’ll definitely be back to The Rumpus Room.

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TheresaSeptember 9th, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I am checking it out tonight! Looking forward to it.

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