Nook (Denman and Robson, West End)

I’m a bit of an Italian food fan. I love anything that has to do with Italian cuisine, in particular pasta Puttanesca (a type of pasta that I am sure anyone in the Vancouver Italian restaurateur community know I love and adore). I told JT that before we attended the last show of Theatre Under The Stars (Anything Goes), I wanted to try and eat at Nook on Denman, between Robson and Melville. Given that they don’t take reservations we weren’t really hopeful that we’d find a seat. But we did, at the bar, and it was a great experience.

I ordered a Gnocchi with Baby Meat Balls (very, very reasonable at a price point of $16), which I didn’t know how it would turn out. The truth of the matter is – it turned out incredibly tasty. The tomato sauce wasn’t overwhelmingly heavy drenched in garlic and oil (which I would probably have expected, and even would have welcomed it, but the flavour was really delicate). Gnocchi are a tough type of pasta in some cases, because it can be easily screwed up. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Nook (Denman and Robson, West End)

Nook (Denman and Robson, West End)

JT ordered a Margherita pizza ($15, very reasonable as well) that was extremely tasty (I had a bit of a morsel from his pizza). Overall, beyond the tasty food (which was really good), I think what I liked the most was the family ambiance. At Nook, you can tell that the owners have a really good relationship with their customer base and with their staff, current and former. The day we showed up, a former chef dropped by with her daughter. So cute.

I would strongly recommend that people go and eat at Nook. Authentic Italian fare that won’t break your wallet. And a service that really counts at the best moment.

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Disclosure: JT paid for both of our dinners on his dime. A review is neither expected nor paid for. All opinions are my own, and I retain editorial control at all times over anything published on my site.

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