Gusto Di Quattro (Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver)

The Quattro family of restaurants is one of my favorite, and I’m pretty sure everyone who reads my blog knows this. I took my Mom to Quattro on Fourth (in Kitsilano) for her birthday 2 years ago, and I took JT for dinner for a special occasion to Quattro al Centro on Richards Street (in Yaletown/Downtown). I hadn’t seen my good friends Ianiv and Arieanna Schweber and their little one, Aiden (whom I affectionately call my nephew, as I am very close and I do feel he is like my actual blood nephew) so they joined me for dinner at Gusto Di Quattro.

Going to Gusto Di Quattro was a big gamble. Not because of the food (I’m pretty sure that the food at ALL Quattro restaurants is consistently good). The gamble was – would Gusto Di Quattro be child-friendly-enough? We were all very surprised by the really great food available on the menu for the little ones, and Aiden loved his dinner. As for us the adults, Arieanna and I shared a Combinazione (at $24 per person with substitutions $2 per, with a minimum of 2, a fairly decent price for a higher-end, high-scale Italian restaurant). We enjoyed a combination of rotolo farcito, fusilli salsiccia, penne arrabiata, linguine pesto, and fettuccine caprese. Ianiv ordered their risotto with fruti di mare.

Gusto Di Quattro (North Vancouver)

Gusto Di Quattro (North Vancouver)

I’ll have to say that I knew the Combinazione would be a winning combination. Both Arieanna and I love pasta, and this particular combination of pastas was a definite winner. In particular, I’m in love with the rotolo farcito. The fusilli salsiccia (with sausage) is a popular one, flavourful and strong (but bear in mind – I LOVE strong flavours). And even the linguine pesto had enough garlic that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall, as I knew it would be the case, Gusto Di Quattro was a big win. Great food, really nice upscale decor, and a service that has nothing to ask other restaurants. The staff was incredibly sweet and kind to Aiden, and we didn’t face major issues (with obviously the exception that the restaurant isn’t really well equipped for changing toddlers, but that’s not even an issue as Arieanna and Ianiv have handled these situations before and they totally adapted quickly). The staff was very apologetic for not having the changing station for toddlers, but as I said, it’s not an issue to dampen our dinner. Overall, great experience at Gusto Di Quattro in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver. You should try it out.

Disclosure: We each paid for our dinners on our own dime. All views on this post are mine and mine only. A review is neither expected, nor has it been paid for (since, as you can see, we paid on our own dime). I retain editorial control at all times on anything published on my site.

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