Charm Modern Thai (Yaletown) and its new menu

I have never really been a crazy fan of Thai food. Except, of course, for Charm Modern Thai. And the truth is, my love for Charm Modern Thai doesn’t only stem from the fact that I know the owner very well, Desmond Chen. No, the truth is, even though I’m not a super fan of Thai food, whatever items Charm serves me, I usually like.

Before anything else, while today I’m reporting on their new menu and I was invited on a media dinner, I should add that I’ve eaten at Charm (and paid on my own dime) several times before, but for one reason or another, I never had a chance to blog about the restaurant itself. On to the new menu (here is a link to their dinner menu).

Charm Modern Thai (new menu preview Aug 17 2011)

We began with little samples of lobster bisque (which to me, is comfort food – it could be a little bit more dense, rich). Tiger prawn satays are hard to screw up, and Charm executes them supremely. The peanut sauce was just perfect. The larb gai was pretty interesting, and kind of like a Thai ceviche. I would have several of these starters in a row if asked to, quite gladly. The fish cakes were pretty good, and I didn’t touch the duck sticks, but loved the pineapple braised shortribs. These pineapple braised short ribs should come in a different type of meat as I don’t really like short ribs.

Charm Modern Thai (new menu preview Aug 17 2011)

We tried an interesting new noodle soup and I asked them to call it Fish Soup (maybe they will, maybe they won’t). Perfect taste, I should say. I enjoyed the right amount of spice, and the little slices of chive and chili made it flavourful without being offensive to the palate.

Charm Modern Thai (new menu preview Aug 17 2011)

Charm Modern Thai (new menu preview Aug 17 2011)

Charm Modern Thai (new menu preview Aug 17 2011)

The peppercorn beef, garlic fish and yellow curry prawns as well as the panang curry were items that were wildly popular with me. I love fish, and garlic just adds to the flavour. I almost didn’t have space for the panang curry and the yellow curry prawns. What I like about Charm Modern Thai is that it makes food spicy just at the right hotness point and it doesn’t make me feel that I need a glass of ice cold water to eat its food.

Some other notes I took on my dinner:

* Green tea chicken: strange flavour with the citrusy infusion combined with green tea, I would have liked more spice.
* Peppercorn beef: Really tasty though I would have wanted thinner slices of beef.
* Pad thai: A tad on the sweet side, but I love it. Light fare for lunch.
* Braised short ribs: They feel like authentic thai!
* Green curry: I was worried it would be too spicy but no, it was perfect.

Overall, I would want to give Desmond and his team kudos. I look forward to coming for dinner sometime soon.

Disclosure: As indicated on the post, this was a media dinner and it’s not per se a review. I have tried Charm Modern Thai and liked it a lot in previous visits, and will come back to have dinner on my dime. All views are mine. No review is expected, nor was I paid for any content posted on this entry. As always, I retain editorial control on anything I write on my site.

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