Deep Cove Park (North Vancouver)

I love Deep Cove, as you can imagine by the extensive coverage I’ve provided this beautiful part of North Vancouver. I did not realize (until this past long weekend, when I took some time off to reflect and do some self-discovery) that there is actually Panorama Park AND Deep Cove Park within the area of Deep Cove.

Adjacent to downtown Deep Cove at the end of Gallant Avenue, both Deep Cove Park and Panorama Park are popular waterfront parks offer excellent views of Deep Cove, and provide a setting for boating and swimming, strolling and picnicking. A changeroom, boat house, playground and picnic shelter make Deep Cove Park popular for groups.

I took a few photos, including the view of my “mobile office” (I took a portable, foldable chair with me, which would have been an amazing idea if I hadn’t had the stupid idea of bringing along my laptop, and a muscle shirt (I was so sun-burnt from the Vancouver Pride Parade 2011 that anything I carried over my shoulders was hurting me). But I hope you enjoy the photos!

Deep Cove Park (North Vancouver)

Deep Cove Park (North Vancouver)

Deep Cove Park (North Vancouver)

One of the best spots to spend some time alone self-reflecting. And the best part, you can access it by transit! You may have read my live-tweeting of how I made a decision on the beach I went to visit (it had to be within 45 minutes of my current location or less).

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