Save On Meats (Downtown East Side, Vancouver)

Save On Meats (DTES Downtown Vancouver)I’ve written before about how the Downtown East Side is such a derelict, impoverished area, one that (if I had the time and the emotional resources) I would research (anthropology of poverty has been always a topic that raises my intellectual curiosity). When I first heard that Save On Meats had closed a couple of years ago, I was devastated. Save On Meats was such a great institution in the Downtown East Side. Well, someone decided to renovate it, take over the lease and take the risk to reopen again. And I’m SO GLAD they did. The burgers are just as amazing, the service is incredibly good and the staff is definitely very human.

Extremely well trained to do what they’re doing. And the nice renovations to the place (both to the meat market/butcher’s market and the actual coffee shop/diner) are a big part of what’s again giving Save On Meats traction.

Save On Meats (DTES Downtown Vancouver)

Save On Meats (DTES Downtown Vancouver) I ordered a very basic burger with a side of mashed potatoes and a milkshake. Nothing really fancy, and that’s perhaps the one thing that keeps attracting me from Save On Meats. It’s such a no-frills diner. That’s how it was before (well, before it was MUCH smaller and the coffee shop was within the actual butcher’s market). But even now it retains a feeling of a diner.

Somewhere where you can bring your friends for a basic, inexpensive, “fuel-for-the-body” burger. I had the pleasure of sitting with my friends Karen Quinn Fung and April Smith, as well as shuttle from my table to Erin Mussolum’s for a quick chat. And the burger itself was really tasty, the patty was well cooked (cooked the way I prefer, let me just say that) and as I mentioned, it’s pretty basic sustenance but definitely worth visiting, particularly if you’re in a rush to continue working as I was. Glad to have Save On Meats in the DTES neighbourhood.

Disclosure: I paid for my dinner on my own dime. As always, I retain editorial control on anything review-like that I publish on my site.

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RussellJuly 26th, 2011 at 11:10 am

I haven’t been there for years and never actually ate there. I used to stop by every once in a while to pick up deli meat for lunch (I used to work at the courthouse at 222 Main Street). Always had great product and service too. I was surprised to find out that it had closed. Glad to hear its back. Might have to take a trip down there. Thanks for the post!

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