Pinkberry Canada (The Village at Park Royal, West Vancouver)

First time really trying @PinkberryCanada without the masses :)While I did attend the opening day of Pinkberry Canada, I didn’t have the time nor did I want to brave the masses of people waiting in line for a cup of frozen yogurt, so I decided to come back the next evening with JT. We had to rush since we went there right after watching Captain America: The First Avenger. To note: driving all the way from Metrotown in Burnaby to the Village at Park Royal in West Vancouver took me all of 20 minutes at the very most, and that was driving normally on the Highway 1. Had I taken transit, that would have never happened. Sigh. One of the drawbacks of being a proponent of sustainable modes of transportation.

But I digress.

I’ve tasted frozen yogurt in many forms, and from very different providers. Two of my favorites are Qoola (usually on Denman and Davie in the West End) and Scoop! (in Kitsilano, near 4th Avenue and Maple). I was really eagerly expecting Pinkberry as my friend Melanie Hoyt from Chicago had mentioned it was really good. I did try it and I’ll fully admit that while it was really fluffy, light and tasty, I wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be.

The staff was kind enough to provide me with samples of all flavors, but I settled (not surprisingly) on mango. I added toppings of kiwi, mochi, strawberry, mango and a few others. The yogurt was really tasty, not tart but just light and easy to digest from what I consumed (8 ounces).

The service, however, does deserve special mention. All the kids working front line at Pinkberry Canada are extremely eager and keen to provide you with great service. I will admit that for an 8 ounces portion of frozen yogurt, $7.50 was a tad steep (considering that if you want to keep things the frugal way, by comparison, lunch at Spin Roll Sushi is that much, $7.50, a frozen dessert treat costing the same is a bit on the steep side).

The above said, as a day trip (e.g. as part of a series of activities, like hanging out at The Village at Park Royal and then finishing your day with a frozen yogurt treat) Pinkberry Canada is definitely worth the trip up to the North Shore. But if I want to just satisfy my frozen yogurt desire, I’ll definitely stay within the Vancouver area.

Disclosure: I paid for my frozen yogurt on my own dime. I just wanted to write about my experience visiting Pinkberry Canada after the press junket. As usual, I retain editorial control over anything I publish on my site.

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