North Strathcona Pre-WWI Mural (East Side of Vancouver, Strathcona)

North Strathcona Wall Map (Strathcona, East Vancouver)

This is one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen in recent years. I’m always keen to explore neighbourhoods and Strathcona is one of those beautiful areas that is filled with near historical facts, funky little old heritage houses and all sorts of great items worth looking at. The North Strathcona Pre-World War I mural is one of those little surprises I wasn’t expecting.

North Strathcona Wall Map (Strathcona, East Vancouver)

After having brunch with my good friend Jason Sanders at The Red Wagon Café on Hastings Sunrise (East Hastings and almost Nanaimo), we walked all the way from our location to my office downtown (a solid 1 hour walk) and we passed by the North Strathcona Pre-WWI Mural. It’s amazing that someone has put so much time and effort into beautifying this area that at times, looks so derelict.

North Strathcona Wall Map (Strathcona, East Vancouver)

I searched the Strathcona Residents Association website to see if I could find more information about it but I couldn’t really find who drew this mural. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful little compilation of historical and urban-geographical events depicted in an extremely artistic and creative way. You should check it out, walk along East Hastings almost near Clark and you’ll find it.

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