Wild Garlic Bistro (Robson and Denman, West End)

There are some people for whom their gift is being great cooks and serving tasty food. Others provide amazing customer service and treat customers like queens and kings. The combination of both is quite rare, and particularly in a city that seems to pride itself in its food snobs. I will fully confess, I’m not one of those. I will eat just about anything. But I like good food, it’s a fact. AND great service.

Wild Garlic (Denman and Robson)

And amazing food and fantastic service is what Wild Garlic Bistro served JT and I the other night. My friend Rebecca Bollwitt had raved about Wild Garlic Bistro a few days ago when I asked where should I go when eating in the West End (something I rarely do, as I usually eat outside of the West End core), so I listened to the suggestion and headed there with JT. He has had brunch there before and we wondered if the dinner items and service would be as equally amazing as the brunch is.

Wild Garlic (Denman and Robson)

We were not disappointed in the least. We were immediately seated (Wild Garlic Bistro is a small place, yet it looks spacious) and a lovely lady, whom I think is one of the owners, gave us a glass of water within seconds of being seated. We were both incredibly hungry so we put in our orders just about as soon as we scanned the menu.

Wild Garlic (Denman and Robson)

I ordered Smoked Salmon Linguine with Garlic Caper Cream ($18.00), a dish that was absolutely delicious and very filling. The portion size is substantially big, and will leave you satisfied even if you’re pretty hungry, I believe. The way this smoked salmon linguine is prepared includes generous portions of salmon fillets inter-mixed with ample portions of vegetables, in a creamy sauce that includes capers and lots, and lots of garlic.

We spent a substantial amount of time chatting with the lady who served our dinner, and she was incredibly cordial and chatty. I wish every restaurant owner were like her. I’ll definitely come back again, and again. Surprisingly great food, amazing atmosphere and a service that rivals and could be better sometimes than almost any other restaurant in this city. Overall a fantastic experience.

Wild Garlic (Denman and Robson)

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Disclosure: JT paid for both of our dinners on his own dime. I am neither paid nor required to write this review, but I definitely want to highlight the fantastic food and service we had at Wild Garlic Bistro.

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