The Red Wagon Café (East Hastings and Nanaimo, East Vancouver)

When my good friend Jason Sanders said that we couldn’t have brunch at The Waldorf Hotel because they weren’t open for brunch on Canada Day, I was kind of disappointed as i was looking forward to trying their famous Mexican brunch. But I’m really glad that Jason suggested that we go to The Red Wagon Café, located in Hastings Sunrise. When he told me it was also in East Vancouver, I had to Google it. I’m not really much of an East Vancouver boy that goes beyond Commercial Drive (I know, heresy!).

The Red Wagon Café is located near Nanaimo Street on East Hastings (I’ll even tell you, very close to the Mexican restaurant El Barrio). I had very bad luck with transit so the commute was kind of annoying. But once we got there, and even though we had to wait for about 45 minutes altogether (30 that I was late, sorry Jason! and 15 that we were waiting outside), the wait was totally worth it. And you know me, I don’t wait in line even for a doctor’s appointment.

Seeing how I was in the mood for Mexican breakfast, I ordered Chilaquiles ($9.50, two eggs, corn tortilla chips, salsa verde, feta cheese, crema and red onions). I’ll have to say that I’m glad my Mom hasn’t seen the presentation of the chilaquiles yet. They aren’t really chilaquiles as we know them in Mexico (the red onions look totally weird and I had to order a side of salsa verde to add on top of my scrambled eggs), but I’ll have to say that the flavours were exquisite.

The Red Wagon Cafe (East Hastings, East Vancouver)

The scrambled eggs were fluffy and cooked to perfection, the salsa verde I could have sworn was made by a Mexican, and the amount of food was absolutely perfect for someone who exercises in the morning and is extremely hungry by 11 am (actually, by then it was noon). The service was spectacularly outstanding, even under the face of extreme pressure, the waitresses (who didn’t have a busser) were absolutely adorable and apologizing all the time about us having to wait a little bit for our food and wait in line.

The Red Wagon Cafe (East Hastings, East Vancouver)

For the quality of food we received, the amazing service, and the really nice ambiance (not to mention, the chance to hang out with my good friend Jason), I think I’m totally giving The Red Wagon Café a 10 out of 10. Remember, you’ll have to wait in line, but it’s worth it (and there’s lots of cute hipsters to look at while you wait in line). I will definitely come back.

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Disclosure: Jason invited me for brunch and he paid for both of our breakfasts out of his own pocket. I am neither obligated nor expected to write this review but I really enjoyed my brunch so that’s why I am writing about it. As always, I retain full editorial control over anything I publish on my site.

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Michael KwanJuly 11th, 2011 at 11:49 am

I like Red Wagon. Food is always fresh and delicious, service is spot-on. I’ve never done anything but breakfast/brunch there though, but I’d imagine their lunch items are equally fantastic.

My post on Red Wagon Cafe, in case anyone is interested.

NicoleJuly 12th, 2011 at 4:06 pm

Pulled. Pork. Pancakes.

‘Nuff said! :P

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