Five Hole For Food Charity Final Game July 9th (Vancouver)

I have no clue how to play street hockey. In fact, I have no idea about hockey. All I know is a few (rather charming) Vancouver hockey players. I also know that many of my good friends are either experienced hockey players or fans of the Vancouver Canucks (I’m a fan too, without really understanding much about the game). But there’s one easy way to get me to do things: invite me to participate in a charity event to raise funds for a worthy cause.

And so yes, on Saturday July 9th (at 1pm, in my case) you will be seeing me play in the Five Hole For Food Final Game in the originating city, Vancouver, around Granville street along with a few media celebrities (in my case, I was supposed to play with the Vancouver social media crew, but since my Mom is visiting, I asked to be moved to the mainstream media one). My good friend Minna, co-founder of The Network Hub, is also playing on that same game because of a commitment she has at the time of the social media game. But – Minna IS an extremely experienced street hockey player. There will be three ball hockey courts set up on Granville Street between Robson and Smithe streets – Minna and I (and I’m sure a few other media celebrities like Dawn Chubai, Chris Pallisers, etc.) will be playing on Court #1.

So what’s in it for me?

I love the team behind Five Hole For Food. Several of the people behind it, including Richard Loat (the founder), Dixon Tam, Gina Vesnaver, Crystal Kwon, Phoenix Lam, Lesley Chang, Laureen Tang, Joyce Wu, Alissa Sadler, and Marc Smith are either friends of mine, or fans/readers of my blog, or both.

I love the cause. Five Hole For Food is a charity event that raises funds for food banks across Canada. I had the opportunity (and the sad experience) to see really long lines of people lining up to get food at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre (I imagine this was something to do with the food bank). I am really blessed to have a job that allows me to put food on the table on a regular basis. So I really want to encourage people to donate to Five Hole For Food, or bring donations to the Vancouver Food Bank.

You should also remember that monetary donations generate a 1 to 3 ($1 donated generates $3 worth of food). You can make monetary donations via PayPal here.

So come by from 12pm to 6pm, and come see me play at 1pm and make a total fool of myself in the name of raising funds for the Vancouver Food Bank. See you there! The hashtag on Twitter is #FHFF and the Twitter account where you can follow the team is @fiveholeforfood.

Disclosures: I have no affiliation with Five Hole For Food other than being friends with the team. My interest is only to promote a charitable event. The Vancouver Canucks have generously offered to loan me a Canucks jersey to wear the day of the game. This jersey won’t be donated to me and I will be returning it to the Canucks after the game.

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Richard LoatJuly 6th, 2011 at 6:28 am

Raul, I’m sure you’re incredibly good and just not telling us all ;)

See you on Saturday!

Phoenix LamJuly 6th, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Thanks for the coverage Raul! See you Saturday :)

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