eBeauty.ca and CityTV Pre-Canada Day media event

eBeauty and CityTV media eventThis past Wednesday, my good friend Airdrie Miller (editor of Lip Gloss and Laptops, a Vancouver-based blog/podcast with a broadly-reaching, world-wide audience that focuses on the beauty industry) and I were invited to participate in an event organized by CityTV and eBeauty.ca. I was invited as a tag-along as I’m a guest host for Lip Gloss and Laptops, providing the male perspective on beauty products for males and I’ve often reviewed colognes for L&L. So technically, this wasn’t an invite for Hummingbird604.com as much as for Lip Gloss and Laptops. And I loved tagging along. Airdrie and I had a really great time talking to the fine folks of eBeauty.ca.

eBeauty and CityTV media eventThe event was emcee’d by my other good friend, Dawn Chubai (co-host of Breakfast Television Vancouver). I saw a number of local bloggers in attendance, including Erica Lam (The Style Spy), Olivia Lovenmark (Style Struck), Liz Sperandeo who works for Spectacular Ink and (a bit of a surprise to me) Rick Chung, who freelances all around the city but I’ve seen writing lately for Vancouver Is Awesome.

eBeauty and CityTV media event

eBeauty is Canada’s new online shopping destination for everything beauty!

Owned and operated on home soil, eBeauty offers an extensive assortment of bath, body, and beauty products available to Canadian shoppers. With over 300 brands and new arrivals added daily, you’ll be able to find all of your favourite products, all of your can’t-live-without-must-haves, as well as discover a wide selection of new and exciting products available as soon as they hit the market.

eBeauty. Beauty for everyone.

I’m always a fan of events with great drinks (especially champagne mimosas!)…

eBeauty and CityTV media event

…. and great swag bags…

eBeauty and CityTV media event

Not that I’m a rampant consumerist, but you know, swag is swag any way you slice it :) And it was nice to be again at events associated with the beauty industry, and hanging out with Airdrie. Thanks to eBeauty.ca and CityTV for inviting Lip Gloss and Laptops!

eBeauty and CityTV media event

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LindseyOctober 19th, 2011 at 7:17 am

Awesome!! I love eBeauty (especially the fact that it’s Canadian – woohoo!) They have such an amazing selection of makeup and beauty stuff =)

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