La Bocca (Whistler, BC)

La Bocca (Whistler, BC)My good friend Arieanna Schweber is heading up to Whistler this weekend with her husband Ianiv and she asked on Twitter about recommendations for dinner. I did not blog about Araxi nor other good options that she could have (including Alta Bistro or the Bearfoot Bistro which I’m totally hitting with my Mom when she comes visit). But one that I forgot to mention was La Bocca (in the heart of Whistler Village).

La Bocca (Whistler, BC)I’m going to overlook the fact that I think its website is totally horrendous (auto-plays music, it’s only in Flash and doesn’t work in Chrome). The decor, the food and the service are all impeccable. The website isn’t, but all other aspects are. And besides, really, who of us who write about food really pay much attention to the website anymore? We take notes. At least, that’s what I’ve taken up to do now.

I bring a little notebook and write my thoughts. And from my notes, what I recall is that La Bocca’s menu is substantially broad, and pretty solid. JT ordered a wok with noddles and stir fry (pretty standard ‘Chinese’ fare). I had been craving penne with some sort of spice, and so I ordered a penne with sausage. I wouldn’t say that I would make a trip to Whistler JUST for the food here, but the pasta was tender and flavourful, and the sausage was pretty tasty.

La Bocca (Whistler, BC)

La Bocca (Whistler, BC)

La Bocca is a funky place and it’s not a bad idea to visit when you’re in town, it has enough space to accommodate large groups and more importantly, the food is consistently decent. I’d take a second visit here if I’m already in Whistler.

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Disclosure: I paid for my and JT’s lunch on my own dime.

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JeanneJuly 29th, 2013 at 11:59 am

Nice food, but not nice waitress!

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