Four O’Clock Tea (review)

Four O'Clock TeaTea is one of those things that I absolutely love, for many reasons. Not only does it have the lower water footprint (about 30 litres of water per cup of tea, as opposed to 140 litres of water per cup of coffee), but also it’s a very social (non-alcoholic) drink. And recently I received a package of Four O’Clock Tea for review, but I hadn’t had the time to review them. Luckily some time has cleared in my schedule.

The best part of Four O’Clock Tea is the broad variety of teas. Some crazy mixes like tiramisu black tea (all of the Four O’Clock Tea is fair trade). I also loved the fresh pomegranate white tea. And the chocolate spice was outstanding. Overall, a delicious tea that you should definitely try out.

Four O'Clock Tea

Disclosure: I was sent the package of tea for review from Four O’Clock Tea. I am not obligated to post a review nor was I paid to write about them, however I do believe that they are good teas and I wanted to share my views with my readership. As always, I retain editorial control over any content I post on my website.

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