On cancelling Mental Health Camp Vancouver 2011

It was really hard to write the blog post where Isabella and I announced that we were not going to organize Mental Health Camp Vancouver 2011. We both really wanted to make it happen, yet we realized that we were facing every minute even more obstacles.

I have noted here on my blog and on my other social networks that, while 2011 has been amazing professionally, it’s been a horrible year in terms of personal life. I’ve had family and friends pass away in the past few months, I’ve faced a number of other challenges recently. All in all, it’s been very tough for me. And I’ve decided that I can’t live like this. Having to organize MHCV would have been yet another volunteer thing to do this year, on top of everything I have to do.

I had a conversation with Isabella as soon as I got back from Qualicum Beach and we agreed we needed to take care of ourselves first. Isabella has had a very rough year herself, and it’s really the right time for us to start looking first for ourselves and then look to help the community. Below is the message I posted on the Mental Health Camp blog this morning.


This year has been incredibly tough on both Isabella and I. We’ve been facing a number of challenges that, despite the help we’ve been extended (thanks, JP and Terra, and those who answered my call for volunteers), make us believe it’s best to not organize Mental Health Camp Vancouver this year.

It was a hard decision for us. Mental Health Camp has been a labour of love and an important project for us, and we don’t want to discontinue it. But as I told Isabella, I felt that organizing MHCV 2011 would have compromised my own mental health, by overextending my capabilities and adding stress to my life. Ironic, eh?

We thank everyone who has wanted to get involved with the project and we hope that 2012 will be a better year for us to be able to organize Mental Health Camp again.

Isabella and Raul

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Michelle ClausiusJune 13th, 2011 at 10:18 am

I’m sorry you had to cancel but you are setting a most wonderful example of self care and the importance of not over-extending oneself. Thank you both for your commitment towards the promotion of mental health issues.

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