Ships to Shore Steveston Festival 2011 (Richmond, BC)

Steveston Village

For some reason, everyone and their mother organized their festivals when I am out of town. And one of the nicer areas of Richmond (south of Vancouver proper) is Steveston, a lovely community where my good friend Erica Hargreave lives. I learned that from June 3 to 7th, the Ships To Shore Steveston 2011 is taking place, so you still have a couple of days to check it out.

Four renowned tall ships will dock at Garry Point Park, reliving the days when Richmond’s Steveston Village was a major port-of-call for fleets of sailing ships from around the world. Leading the small fleet are the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, from Washington State. A brigantine and a top-sail ketch, both are over 30-metres (100-feet) in length. The Lady Washington was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, along with other movies. While in Richmond, these two beauties will stage mock gun battles on June 4 and 5, which will be viewable at no cost from Garry Point Park. A limited number of tickets will be available to sail on board the two ships as they stage their epic gun battles.

Also featured this weekend are the Adventuress, a 40-metre (133-foot) gaff-rigged schooner originally launched in 1913, and the Zodiac, a 39-metre (127-foot) gaff-rigged schooner dating from the 1920s. Among the fastest ships of their days, these stunning schooners will offer ticketed three-hour day sails on June 4 and 5 as well as free onboard tours.

Additionally, Vancouver’s Viking ship Munin will make an appearance at the Britannia Heritage Ship Yard for free tours from June 1 until June 7. The Munin is a 40-foot, half-scale replica of the original Norwegian Viking ship Gokstad, which is now in Oslo, Norway. As part of the B.C. Viking Ship Project, Munin was built in the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby by a group of volunteers, and was launched in 2001. Now, Munin is moored at the Vancouver Maritime Museum and sails the Vancouver waters on weekends. Attendees will be greeted by the ship’s crew who will be able to provide in-depth tours and answer questions.

Most interestingly and appealing, pirate-themed outdoor movie nights, day sails, a community entertainment stage and a farmers market will round out this inaugural event. And it looks like the Man in Motion himself, Canadian icon Rick Hansen, will also be on hand to provide a special presentation on behalf of the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Free boarding passes are required to board the ships. They must be obtained the day of boarding at the ticket booth near the dock at Garry Point Park. Boarding passes will be for a specific time slot, and are available in limited quantity on a first come first served basis beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. With boarding passes in hand, line up at the dock at least 20 minutes before your boarding time, A limited number of exclusive access tickets are available at 604-276-4300 or in person at the Steveston Community Centre and at the National Historic Britannia Heritage Shipyard in Richmond.

I wish I were in Vancouver (well, more properly in Steveston) to check this out, but I hope at least some of my readers will have a chance to check it out. I absolutely love and adore Steveston and they’re organizing some cool stuff this year.

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Hugo ChikamoriJune 5th, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Raul, you should have been there. :D It was a blast. The gun battle was great.

The Lady Washington (you probably know her as the Interceptor from Pirates of the Caribbean) was there. Here’s a shot of her full sails out coming up on Garry Point after the mock gun battles.

A shot of the Hawaiian Chieftan and the Lady Washington trading broadsides.

My wife and I went down there for about three hours to take shots.

Hugo Chikamori

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