Simba’s Grill (Denman and Robson)

Simba's Grill

I’m a very big fan of African food, although I will fully admit that my experience has been limited to Somali, Ethiopian and Eritrean food. This past weekend, JT and I went to try Simba’s Grill (which is African fusion, from what one of the owners, Mr. Kurshid Khan, told us).

Simba's Grill

Simba's GrillHe mentioned that the food that they provide at Simba’s Grill is East African fusion (from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda). I will fully confess I haven’t researched the type of food, to be quite honest. For me, any food from Africa seems good. Just ask me about Ethiopian/Eritrean food, which I absolutely adore. I ordered a Chicken Surwa (chicken breast cooked in cream curry, $15.99). I ordered a type of spicy, saffron-infused rice pilaf ($3.99) as a side. While the spices in the cream curry made it extremely rich and tasty, the addition of a little bit of mango/chili chutney made it incredibly flavourful. I will definitely come back to Simba’s Grill.

The portion was extremely well served, and I could not finish it all as I really wanted to have Qoola frozen yogurt for dessert, so I opted for bringing the rest of my dinner home.

Disclosure: JT paid for his and my meal on his own dime.

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