What to do in Whistler when you’re not a snow sports person

Whistler Village (Whistler BC)

While I’ve been doing travel writing for a few years now, I will fully admit that there are other bloggers who have provided a lot of coverage for Whistler, particularly when it comes to winter sports. Sometimes I feel bad about that, because I love Whistler (as demonstrated by my coverage of the region last year), but since I don’t ski nor snowboard, and those sports are so predominant in Whistler, I feel that I have little to add to other bloggers coverage.

Tourism Whistler extended a kind invitation to try and visit Whistler and write about what you can do in Whistler if you are not a snow sports person. I’m more of an urbanite (even though I love the outdoors) and thus I was expecting a lot of urban things in my schedule. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my trip planning.

Throughout the week, you will be able to read a number of blog posts about my weekend, taking 3 (yes, you read right, I took 3 days off my insanely busy schedule) and experiencing ZipTrek Ecotours, Scandinave Spa and the rest of my days around town, including lunches and dinners, as well as some other outdoorsy, non-winter-sports-focused activities.

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TylerMay 25th, 2011 at 7:24 am

You can rent bikes and peddle not only around the village but the dozens upon dozens of trails throughout the Whistler area.

It is something we want to do this Summer actually. For those who are more into extreme stuff, there is the Bike park too! Supposidly the biggest in Canada.

I also want to do ZipTrek over the Fitzsimmons. The Spa would be nice, was going to treat Robyn to it while we were up in Whistler for our wedding, but it was too expensive for a student like me to treat his new wife. One day!

Can’t wait to read more aobut your adventures!

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