Chandra Estate Winery (Pinot Noir Rosé, Chardonnay and Merlot)'s 5 Year Blogiversary Party

I like good wine. No, let me rephrase. I love great wine. And while I had already tried Chandra Winery wines before (my dear friends Cassandra Anderton and Summer Dhillon arranged for a fabulous delivery of Chandra Estate Winery spirits for both my blogiversary and the fundraiser Fashion’s Night Out! On Schools.

Chandra Estate Winery and Ecovitis Vineyard Ltd. is family owned and operated. We purchased this 10-acre, 12 year old vineyard four years ago, but the winery only opened it doors in September 2008. Together with Ecovitis Vineyard Ltd.’s sister property, located in Westbank, Chandra Estate Winery offers a tantalizing selection of beautifully crafted wines that are full-bodied, yet delicate and engaged with hints of fruit and spice. All Chandra wines have been branded VQA.

I remember the first time I tried Chandra Estate Winery’s Rosé, and I absolutely adored it. I have tried all three of the wines mentioned above (their Rosé, their Chardonnay and their Merlot).


Photo credit: Joshua Vanderheide. Used with permission.

“Luna”, their 2007 Pinot Noir Rosé (all retailing around $18-$20) has some great tasting notes: Crisp and refreshing with undertones of cranberry, strawberry, and plum; dry finish; enjoyable any season; can be served with any menu. I found this Rosé extremely light and summery and I totally can see it mixed in a cocktail, or served along a fresh fruit salad.

“Yue”, their 2006 Chardonnay white wine offers some fantastic tasting notes: used with flavours of melon, honey, apple, and spice that lingers on the palate long after the last sip; serves well with poultry, seafood, sushi, and light desserts. I have had this Yue with chicken parmigiana that I have cooked before and I absolutely adore it. Not very heavy at 14.2% alcohol, it’s also an entertaining kind of wine for sunny and summery afternoons.

“Halo”, their 2006 Merlot red wine is a delicacy to the palate. As far as tasting notes goes: Soft tannins and a round mouthful, but bold with life; medium bodied; showcases the bright fruit aromas and flavours associated with BC Okanagan wines; pairs well with red meats, particularly lamb and wild game, robust cheeses, pasta, and curried dishes. I tried this one with the spread we had at my blogiversary (which included lots of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, as well as some sushi) and it was fabulous. I can totally see this Merlot combining well with a rottinni alla Puttanesca. Also with a nice 14% alcohol, has a solid kick and a robust deep flavor that stays with you.

chandra estate winery

Photo credit: Joshua Vanderheide. Used with permission.

The story behind the Chandra Estate Winery name is also very sweet (read below). And if you need to get any of these wines you can contact my friend Cassandra Anderton (Good Life Vancouver) on Twitter as well as @goodlifevan.

Our name was inspired by the South Okanagan’s spectacular, moonlit summer nights and a mythical tale, reflecting our culture and philosophy. ‘Chandra’ (the ‘a’ is pronounced as a short vowel ‘u’) derives from the Hindi language, and means ‘moon god’. Ancient myth states that the moon stores Soma – an ancient drink and lunar deity, which is said to be the elixir of immortality consumed by the gods themselves. When the gods drink away some of the properties, the moon wanes, and when the gods do not, the moon waxes. Traditionally, gardening practices have also been based on moon phases. The moon’s passage exerts elemental influences on a vineyard – water, earth, air, and fire – which are shown through the leaves, roots, fruit, and flower. A rising moon heightens vitality and a lowering moon influences the sap of the vines. Chandra’s magnetic pull oversees the growth of the vines, and harnesses the moon’s energy. The result is the Soma of today.


Photo credit: Joshua Vanderheide. Used with permission.

Overall, I absolutely loved these wines, and I can’t wait to try them again.

Disclosure: A couple of cases of wine for 2 events I helped organize were generously sponsored by Good Life Vancouver and Chandra Estate Winery (my good friends Cassandra Anderton and Summer Dhillon) for which I am very grateful. I am neither obligated to post a review nor was I paid to write about them, however I do believe that they are good wines and I wanted to share my views with my readership. As always, I retain editorial control over any content I post on my website. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me

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