Salt Spring Island Cheese (Salt Spring Island, BC)

A couple of months back, I was invited to visit Salt Spring Island for the weekend to cover the Salt Spring Island Documentary Film Festival. While I did write about Salt Spring Island quite substantially (you can read my posts here), I left out a lot of content that I think I should have posted, as sometimes I don’t have the time to write about EVERYTHING.

I was cleaning my apartment today, I came across a flyer for Salt Spring Island Cheese, where my good friend Deirdre Rowland took me for a visit. So I decided to write about it. If you’re a friend of mine or have read my blog for any length of time, you’ll be shocked that not only did I visit a cheese farm, but I even tried it (I hate cheese).

Salt Spring Island Cheese (Salt Spring Island)

Admittedly, it was the fact that my minor when I studied Chemical Engineering was Food Science. I’ve always been fascinated with chemical processes, and in particular, given that for my doctorate I analyzed the leather-footwear commodity chain, I always ended up looking at livestock animal husbandry. And I find that cheese farms have a certain charm, beyond the technicalities of cheese-making.

Salt Spring Island Cheese (Salt Spring Island)

I will fully admit that despite being lactose intolerant and hating cheese, I did try some of the cheeses. I know, I caved. But what can I do, I love highlighting small, mom-and-pop kind of shops and local businesses, so I had to actually sample. Unsurprisingly, the one I loved the most was the one that had garlic. Nom, nom, nom.

Salt Spring Island Cheese (Salt Spring Island)

Salt Spring Island Cheese (Salt Spring Island)

Founded by David and Nancy Wood in 1996, Salt Spring Island Cheese Company offers cheeses for tasting and sale. You can even take a self-guided tour through the cheese-making process. Located on Reynold Roads, about 2 km from Fulford Harbour (which is where you’d arrive if you come to Salt Spring Island via ferry), it’s a definite must-visit location if you come to Salt Spring Island. A little bit more information from their About page:

Salt Spring Island Cheese Company specializes in handmade goat and sheep cheeses. We started making cheese in 1994 and started selling it in 1996. Principally, we’re known for our chèvres, although we also make several other types of goat cheeses (feta cheeses, surface ripened cheeses, and even a hard cheese).

We make our cheese at our farm on Salt Spring Island, off Canada’s west coast, and while you can buy our cheese as far east as Toronto, we encourage you to come to the island, wander the farm and taste the cheese fresh for yourself.

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