The Wilder Snail (Strathcona)

My friend Lorraine and I had already been to The Wilder Snail (not surprisingly, about a year ago) but for some reason I forgot to blog about it. But this time I decided not to forget, particularly because I liked this place and it’s a beautiful location to have coffee, lunch or just hang out (free wifi with purchase, it’s passworded).

The Wilder Snail (Strathcona)

The Wilder Snail (Strathcona)

We ordered a couple of Montreal smoked-meat sandwiches, which were generous on the Montreal smoked-meat and very tasty (really, how could you screw up a MSMS… but I digress). The service was cordial and friendly and lunch was inexpensive ($5.99 for each one of the sandwiches).

The Wilder Snail (Strathcona)

Obviously, as anybody who reads my blog will know, I don’t eat cheese so I had to remove it but otherwise, our lunch was really good. I’d definitely come back for lunch or even just for a coffee and to read a good book. The Wilder Snail is definitely a lovely neighbourhood cafe.

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raincoasterMay 9th, 2011 at 8:37 pm

They also have an open mic night on I think it’s Saturday.

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