Mumbai Masala Indian Restaurant (North Vancouver, Lonsdale)

I went to visit my good friends Ianiv and Arieanna Schweber this past weekend and they ended up ordering Indian food (as you may have noticed by my last two posts and the one coming up, I’ve really been on an Indian food bender). Comparatively speaking, I think Mumbai Masala was the one I liked the best, even over Handi (although Handi was absolutely superb).

Mumbai Masala (Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver)

We ordered Basmati rice ($ 3), 3 pieces of Naan bread ($ 1.95) and 2 dishes with meat and one entirely vegetarian. Both Arieanna and I love eggplant so we ordered eggplant bartha (roasted eggplant with tomato and ginger, $10.95). Absolutely delicious, and the ginger gave the eggplant a spicy, almost turmeric-like flavor. Could have fooled me and passed for Ethiopian.

We ordered butter chicken (chicken breast cooked with light cream and tomato with fenugreek, $10.95). Comparatively speaking, this is perhaps the nicest butter chicken I have had, from all the Indian restaurants I’ve been to lately. The creamy consistency of the sauce doesn’t get too sticky and it’s flavourful without being overpowering. To be quite fair, I can’t recall what was the third dish we ordered, but it reminded me of lamb korma (strangely enough!). But overall, a really good choice.

I think, comparatively, I would put Mumbai Masala on par with Handi (located in Dunbar). Apparently there’s a Handi too in the North Shore. I’ll have to try it on-site, but as far as takeout goes, Mumbai Masala is full of win!

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Disclosure: Ianiv and Arieanna invited me for dinner and thus paid on their own.

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