Happy birthday Yvonne! (@ylizabeth)

I still remember freshly when Minna hired Yvonne to work for The Network Hub. She said “we need someone amazing, who can run the things we need, whom we can trust, someone who will be there and do amazing stuff and grow with us the way we have grown”. And she found (via our common good friend Michael Yurechko) the lovely Yvonne Lum (@ylizabeth on Twitter).

Freelance Camp Vancouver 2010-858536

Yvonne is the second from the left. Photo credit: Nicky Tu

Yvonne, I think I speak for all of us at The Network Hub in saying that we absolutely love having you in our team, we love your commitment, your capacity to work and your ability to just be fun with us and have fun and build a strong, cohesive team. We do love you, sweetie. Enjoy your birthday!

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