Celebrating 5 years of blogging: Happy blogiversary, Hummingbird604.com

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Today (well, technically yesterday 5 years ago was when I began blogging – I posted my first post on April 23rd, in fact, as it was past midnight – but I began composing it on the 22nd – hence why I say April 22nd is my blogiversary), 5 years ago I began a little blog that was originally intended to share my academic research on environmental politics in a layman manner.

Not too ironically, Hummingbird604.com has grown to be more than my personal online canvas, but it’s slowly become a lifestyle blog where readers from all parts of the world (and primarily, Canada) come to check out what’s happening in the theatre, dance, performing and fine arts, music, food, cocktail and wine scene in Vancouver, in British Columbia and other parts of Canada where I travel.

I love writing, and I am a storyteller at heart. Blogging has brought me new friends, access to possibilities that I would never have had otherwise, a broad diversity of activities to try and engage in. Thanks to my blog I have been invited to check more theatre, dance, restaurants and places to visit than I could possibly have imagined in a lifetime.

I have often considered whether I should quit blogging. Sometimes, people forget that I am first and foremost an academic, a consultant and an educator, and that this is my unpaid hobby. While the size of my readership is substantial (and I’m quite honored that people want to read my blog), I don’t do this as a job. But the minute I stop blogging I feel that I am no longer able to share my thoughts with the world. And that’s something I thoroughly enjoy.

Through my blog I have been able to enjoy the good and the bad. I met amazing friends, but also have been attacked online, the target of hate emails, blog posts and comments. I often felt overwhelmed with how many pitches I receive to blog about stuff, but I also have have enjoyed pushing events to succeed, events that would not have had the exposure otherwise. I enjoy the sheer power of numbers, knowing that blogging about something may make the difference between red ink and black ink.

Overall, I blog because I like it. Because it gives me a canvas to tell my personal story. And because it allows me to differ, to have an opinion and a voice, and to have that voice heard. And I’m glad people read my blog, quite honestly.

Happy 5 years blogiversary to me!

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Comments (3)

GusFApril 23rd, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Happy 5 Years of blogging Raul. You’ve opened up so much and I’ve gotten to know you so much through your blog and glad we’ve gotten to know each other outside and in real life.

Looking for more in the exciting years!
GusF recently posted..Testing Blogsy For The IPad

Adrian EdenApril 25th, 2011 at 12:32 pm

Congratulations on all of your successes, personal growth, and networking. Somehow you manage to run a great Blog while grading papers and being an active member of the Vancouver community. We need more people like you in this world. <3

Michael KwanApril 28th, 2011 at 11:20 am

I actually just missed my blogiversary without noticing! My (current) blog started on March 30, 2006: (my first post). So, the “birth” dates of our two blogs are less a month apart!
Michael Kwan recently posted..How to Get a Free Canada Phone Line

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