Happy birthday, HZ!

Eons ago, it would seem, I met one of my former PhD advisor’s PhD students (HZ), when he came to visit our common PhD supervisor and work on his doctoral dissertation. We hit it on, became good friends and stayed in touch throughout the period when we both finished our doctorates.

HZ moved to Vancouver to become faculty at the same university where I teach right now, and our friendship has grown enormously. You may have read about him several times on this blog. His friendship inspires me not only to be a better scholar (we are currently working on a research project together), but also to be a better friend, human being and (in the future) father.

His ability to think is only matched by his ability to love. He’s a true friend, a great father to his daughter, a wonderful partner to his partner and to me, he’s yet another brother, one I love, respect and admire profoundly. His research is in the environmental field (not surprisingly) and his birthday coincides with Earth Day (today), and with my 5 years’ blogiversary.

On this day, I remind myself of how lucky I am to have you in my life, brother. Much love always.

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