Yagger’s (Downtown Vancouver)

I will fully confess that the name “Yagger’s” doesn’t bring memories that are all that pleasant. I think of “Jagermeister”, one of those drinks that I have no clue why people continue having. And usually I associate Jagermeisters with being totally and completely hammered drunk. So, I was a little afraid of going to Yagger’s for lunch. But I am a fan of giving all places a chance.

I recently took my colleague Jordan to Yagger’s for lunch (we are collaborating on a research paper) and I figured I’d try it out since my good friends Erica Hargreave and Minna Van have recommended it previously. I’ll admit a bit of wariness as I was walking in. But the ambiance really relaxed me.

Yagger’s is a pub, no question about it. Located right besides the Ramada Inn on West Pender and almost Richards Street, it’s less than 35 seconds away from my office at The Network Hub. We went there for lunch, and even though it filled really quickly (demonstrating that it’s popular and has good food, no question), we arrived right at noon on the dot.

I ordered one of their traditional burgers ($12) but had the cheese removed. The burger doesn’t come on your traditional burger bun, but on a kaiser. But the meat is organic, the ingredients fresh and they added a portion of delicious guacamole that absolutely made the burger better (although it was really good as it was).

Yagger's (Downtown Vancouver)

Overall, I would say that Yagger’s is a delightful surprise. It is kind of a sports bar, of course, or a pub. So when you go there, you’re not there for a romantic date, you’re there to have fun with your friends and enjoy good food and a few drinks. But the fun thing is, it’s not really noisy or raucus.

And Yagger’s has a private room in the back, which is very much worth checking out for small events and parties. Overall, good surprise on the side of Yagger’s. And thanks to Erica, Jordan and Minna for recommending it. Despite its closeness to my office I would probably have not tried if it weren’t because it was recommended to me. And now I find myself recommending it.

Disclosure: I paid for our lunch on our own dime. I wasn’t paid to write this review, nor was I required to do so either. In any review I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions/concern feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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JordanApril 1st, 2011 at 7:05 am

So glad you enjoyed it!

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