Q4 al Centro (Downtown Vancouver)

Sometimes you forget about great restaurants like Q4 al Centro even though they are (a) three blocks away from your office (b) two blocks away from theatres and performing arts centres and (c) have had amazing food and drinks there. Yeah, my brain gets overloaded and I often forget. But luckily, for Dining Out For Life, JT and I parked outside my office and began walking down Richards.

Even though I had attended the opening of Q4 al Centro, and have been back for drinks, I seemed to blank out for choices for dinner. And then I remembered Q4 al Centro was doing Dining Out For Life too. JT and I had already planned to do dinner for Dining Out For Life, and it was a great coincidence that we ended up at Q4 al Centro.

Q4 al Centro (dinner)

We began with a Caesar salad ($9), which was really good (although to be honest I really would prefer some capers with my Caesar salad – but that’s just me and my taste). I followed with a main dish of Penne Salsicce ($22), a fantastic pasta with wine-cured chorizo, sun dried tomatoes, roasted fennel, pine nuts, brandy, and aged asiago. Some restaurants scrimp on the amount of meat with pasta dishes. Q4 al Centro never does that.

Q4 al Centro (dinner)

While for some folks, pasta with chorizo may seem a strange choice, I have Spanish roots and my tastebuds enjoy very strong flavors. The pine nuts give this dish a delicate sweet touch and even though I hate cheese, I found the asiago so well blended that the dish altogether ended up being very flavourful. Portions are generous and very well presented.

We were surprised with a couple of complimentary desserts (which we totally did not expect). And again, surprising myself, I preferred the cheesecake with Phillo crust.

Q4 al Centro (dinner)

Q4 al Centro (dinner)

Overall, a fantastic experience. Dinner altogether came to about $77 before tax and gratuities (of which 25% went to A Loving Spoonful as it was Dining Out For Life). And if you’re afraid of breaking the bank, at the Kitsilano location, Q4 Restaurant has $10 pasta nights (on Tuesdays if I’m not mistaken). So you should try it. I really enjoyed it.

Disclosure: I paid for my and JT’s dinner on my own dime. The owner and manager were kind enough to send a couple of complimentary desserts, but that does not influence my review as I paid for the full dinner on my own. I wasn’t paid to write this review, nor was I required to do so either. In any review I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions/concern feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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