In memory of Eva Markvoort (65 Red Roses)

Eva MarkvoortI blog because I love sharing my thoughts with my world. I don’t purposefully seek to inspire people, but I am always thrilled when I do. But I do know of a New Westminster blogger who passed away exactly one year ago after a long battle with cystic fibrosis, a blogger who inspired thousands of people. Her name was Eva Markvoort. A few months ago, my good friend Kimberley Bowie asked me if I’d be interested in giving away tickets to a (sold-out) concert in memory of Eva (who was a good friend of Kim’s). I was honored that Kim asked me to do this giveaway because I know how much she misses Eva.

Thinking about the fact that Eva passed away at a really young age brings tears to my eyes, as I myself have a very dear friend who is also a blogger, and who is currently battling the late stages of cancer (Derek). It’s hard not to think about the potential for loss when you remember people who have already gone. Just last night, I attended a celebration of life for the late husband of my good friend Cathy Browne, Dave M. Kane. While all these folks will be (and continue to be, those who have gone) missed, their legacy lives on.

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BethApril 1st, 2011 at 7:57 pm

Another tribute to Eva, which you have blogged about earlier, is the Longest Game for CF: I hope your readers will check it out!

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