Regaining control of my life

I may have overcommitted a few months ago, to have 3 lives in one: the academic, the consultant, the social media maven. And in the process, I may have forgotten to commit to actually having a personal life. In the past few weeks, I’ve slowly regained control of my life. Yes, I’m still super busy. Yes, I still schedule myself to every minute. Yes, I’m still doing all 4 things at the same time and waking up at 4:45 am to do them all. But I feel so in control, it’s almost unbelievable. Scary, but feels great.

The beautiful sunset from Second Beach. You're welcome, Vancouver.

For the first time in AGES, I got sick and recovered in exactly 72 hours. That was unheard of. When I used to get sick, I used to spend weeks getting better. Yes, I have a lot of papers to mark, consulting to do, seminars to present, research to finish. But you know what? As I complete each and every one of my tasks, I realize that I feel definitely in control. Exercising 6 days a week has definitely proven successful.

More importantly, I want to thank the people who love me for reminding me that I was *this* close to burning out. The people who kept reminding me to take care of myself before taking care of others. And to all of them, especially my good friend Derek K. Miller, who kept reminding me about “stopping to do things that overwhelmed me”.

I’ve regained control of my life.

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