Meat and Bread (Gastown)

Meat and Bread (Gastown)I had heard a lot about Meat and Bread (a relatively new restaurant in Gastown, pretty much 3 blocks away from my office at The Network Hub and for the longest time, I was unable to try it out. One day, I went with Gus and Russ for lunch there and the line was way too long (all the way out of the restaurant) so we decided to come back another day. I promised the owner I would come back, and I did. Twice.

The first time, I brought DP, a colleague with whom I’ll be collaborating in a project soon, and I ordered a porchetta sandwich. For someone who has eaten Mexican carnitas growing up, I totally thought I’d love the porchetta. I didn’t. But not on account of Meat and Bread (their porchetta sandwich is very flavourful, $8.50). The porchetta just didn’t do it for me.

Meat and Bread (Gastown)I really wish I had brought my digital camera the two times I went for lunch to Meat and Bread, because my iPhone photos don’t really do justice to how good these sandwiches are. Admittedly, I would like them to be a bit bigger, but the flavors are just incredible. And even though at first glance I thought it was a bit pricey, I realize a Meat and Bread sandwich is actually not that expensive.

The second time I went there, with Lynnette, John and Dory, I ordered a curried soup and a meatball sandwich. THIS one was my absolute favorite. Ground meat in spicy marinara sauce with just the right amount of garlic is just my definition of tasty. Bear in mind, meatballs are one of my most favorite dishes. And while the sandwich looks, at first glance, very small, in the end it’s fulfilling enough.

I would come back to Meat and Bread, but I’d probably try to avoid the noon lunch rush (I’ll be coming back either around 1:30pm or earlier, around 11:45am). The first time I took DP, we didn’t really have to wait in line, neither the second time. But the very first time I visited I did. No wonder it’s popular. Flavourful, filling and well-crafted, Meat and Bread sandwiches are solid.

Disclosure: I paid in full for my and my companion’s lunch the first time I went to Meat and Bread, out of my own pocket. The second time, my lunch was taken care of by Lynnette G.

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Miss JaneFebruary 28th, 2011 at 9:50 am

That looks like a good lunch! Good portion and good price I assume. You might want to make this recommendation to Followmefoodie girl! ;-)

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