Sushi Oyama (Burnaby, near Metrotown)

Sushi Oyama (Burnaby) I’m the guy who likes pretty buildings and is fascinated by architecture. So what attracted me to Sushi Oyama was the actual pagoda-inspired-house-style restaurant (on Kingsway, pretty close to Metrotown). I told JT that I wanted to try it out at some point, and we ended up having dinner there recently. The truth be told, I did not expect the sushi to be this good, abundant, tasty and filling.

Sushi Oyama (Burnaby) And inexpensive! I did not bring my digital camera so you’re kind of stuck with iPhone 3G quality photos (no, I don’t have an iPhone 4 so I don’t have nearly as good quality in my iPhone pictures as I would like to!) I ordered a sushi roll combo ($9.50) and a piece of spicy salmon nigiri ($1.50). And by the time I was done, I almost could not continue eating. The size of each sushi roll is amazingly large.

Even for a healthy appetite like mine, I found the diameter of the roll and amount of food inside the roll pretty substantial. Very flavourful, although some sushi connoisseurs might complain that I didn’t order the specialty rolls. I just did not have the space. Verdict: I love Sushi Oyama. I felt a bit “exposed” in the very-well-lit room but overall, it was a really nice experience.

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Disclosure: I paid for my and my friend’s food.

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