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MiscellaneousYou may notice that the frequency of posts declined last week as I felt I was burning out and I needed to take a much-required break (for you, 1 blog post a week may be all you do, but for me that’s like, nothing). But the fact is that my good friends Derek K. Miller and his wife Airdrie Hislop Miller made me reflect on whether blogging is a dreaded job or whether I can take it more light-heartedly and without stressing out.

More importantly, I need to focus on the things that brings the bacon home and pays the rent. This is NOT something blogging does, since I’m not a professional blogger). Derek and Airdrie could see that I was burning out and so they called me out on it. After reading their comments both on my blog and on my Facebook, I stopped to reflect on why I blog and what would be the best approach to it. And I found in my archives a great photo I took a few months ago. Its motto rings SO TRUE. I blog to differ.

I write my blog because it gives me a voice. Like Derek said in a recent post on his blog, and in a guest post he wrote for my Blogathon 2009, I write because I enjoy having an audience.

Telling stories is part of who I am and what I do, both in my teaching, my research and my day-to-day life. I’m a natural-born storyteller, and I find what I do in the beautiful city that I call home (Vancouver) extremely fascinating. Other people may NOT like me or like my writing. They may not like what I do or my personality, but in the end, I like being different. I LOVE being different.

Whenever I have had the opportunity to have this conversation with any whom I have dated, or even had a friendship, I have told them the same thing: I like being unique. And I know that I hold very strong opinions, and that those opinions frequently are different from others. That’s why like the phrase “I blog to differ“, an entertaining play on words on I beg to differ.

I don’t blog for anyone else, at the end of the day, nor to make more friends, nor to be more admired. I blog because I enjoy having a digital canvas of my life, and painting my story in it. That’s why I blog.

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Derek K. MillerFebruary 15th, 2011 at 9:11 am

Great. Now just make sure you’re blogging enough to satisfy that urge, and not more. It should not feel like a chore.

I don’t think you’ve answered my other question, though: what things are you going to stop doing to prevent burning out? And have you stopped them yet?
Derek K. Miller recently posted..Darwin Day 2011

Derek K. MillerMarch 3rd, 2011 at 11:25 am

So, anything? What have you stopped?
Derek K. Miller recently posted..Wowee

RaulMarch 3rd, 2011 at 11:29 am

Hi Derek! Sorry for the delay in responding.

I stopped accepting 3 invitations per night, and I did that right after you and Air encouraged me to stop doing so much blogging.

I stopped feeling guilty that I hadn’t blogged about an event or something, and simply made sure to connect with whoever pitches me and said “sorry, can’t do it”.

That’s so far! I am still overwhelmed but I think this time I am overwhelmed because I planned poorly. BUT I planned well enough to be free this evening :D

Thanks again for the comments and the feedback (and your friendship!)!

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