My Sunday morning routine

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I used to NOT be a morning person. I was a night owl. Even wrote Productivity Tips focused on “follow your Circadian cycles“. In early 2009 I began re-training my body and brain to wake up early in the morning again as I used to do when I was in my early teens.

From my experience, human beings are creatures of habits and routines. I am certainly not the exception. I love routines. Routines are also part of the stuff I do research on (I study institutions, rules and norms, and routines are part and parcel of the processes that establish rules). And I love studying myself. So I began thinking this morning about being disciplined, my own habits and what my Sunday morning routine consists of.

On Sunday mornings I usually sleep in until about 7:00am (yes, I know that for some people I wake up every day at Insanely O’Clock aka 4:45am) but being up this early helps me accomplish all my consulting, academic and research goals and also, my social media tasks.

I usually stay in bed until about 7:30am and then start my coffee maker. Sunday mornings are the days when I call my parents (who live in Mexico), my brothers, nieces and nephews (who live in Canada and the US), my cousin (who is like my sister and lives in Mexico too) and some of my friends in different time zones. I chat with them for about an hour (not each of them, but overall) as I putter around and do some apartment cleaning. I exercise 6 days a week, so on Sundays I don’t go to the gym.

I then usually have a light breakfast and proceed to begin doing some work. I’m trying to be more disciplined and not come into my office (neither at The Network Hub nor at UBC) on weekends, and it’s been working out so far. This morning I’m heading to West Vancouver for the Barking Mad Tweetup, but otherwise, I’ll be doing work, so I’ll be schlepping my laptop.

What do you usually do on Sunday mornings?

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Erika RathjeFebruary 6th, 2011 at 8:03 pm

Nice post, Raul! I’m trying to retrain myself to get up a little earlier for work. It helps having a new phone with gentle musical ringtones, and a friend to take the early bus with. But I digress… Sundays are much like my Fridays and Saturdays: make some breakfast, read the paper with my breakfast and probably continue reading the paper for up to an hour, or more if there’s good stuff. Actually I check my emails and Facebook in bed first (no need to turn on my energy hogging computer), but on Friday that made sure I didn’t fall asleep again, so the habit is not SO bad. ;) But the newspaper time is kind of sacred. It’s the only time I really read long articles in one sitting.
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kmazzFebruary 7th, 2011 at 11:59 am

If the weather is good we get up early and get outdoors for as long as possible! If it is not, we have a more desultory morning of reading news, drinking tea, fussing with the dog before screwing up the courage to go to the gym and/or put on our goretex and go for a walk.
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