Minnoz Restaurant at the Coast Bastion Inn (Nanaimo, BC)

If there is a place where I have received excellent customer service and tasty food for a very reasonable price, it’s definitely Minnoz. And that was definitely completely unexpected. You know how things go. You never know when a hotel restaurant is going to be good or not, until you try. Often times, it ends up being just the ONLY option. But in this case, I did not know that it would be so good.

Minnoz Restaurant at the Coast Bastion Inn (Nanaimo)

Photo credit: Image provided by Coast Bastion Inn, credited as indicated by them and used with permission

Elegantly decorated in a casual setting, the new Minnoz Restaurant & Lounge is located in the Coast Bastion Inn, in beautiful downtown Nanaimo, BC. From homemade breakfasts to enticing tapas, make Minnoz your number one choice for dinner & drinks before going to the show or to simply entertain friends and family. [Minnoz Restaurant website]

Both Richard Zinger, Minnoz Chef and Jon Schafer, Restaurant Director, as well as their entire staff should be commended for an imaginative and broad-reaching menu (PDF). When I was out on the town on my recent visit to Nanaimo, I realized I was out without my contacts and thus didn’t feel it was a smart idea for me to venture far away at night without being able to assess my surroundings. So I walked back to the Coast Bastion Hotel and dropped by Minnoz for dinner.

My photos of the chicken salad at Minnoz in Nanaimo don't do it justice

My iPhone photo does not do justice to their excellent chicken salad. I wasn’t feeling all too well and I had forgotten my camera, so I just took this particular shot. The flavours were excellent, and I couldn’t even finish it all (and it was late at night). The waiter who was in charge of my table was incredibly sweet and prompt.

Overall, a very pleasant surprise, and I would encourage visitors to Nanaimo to check Minnoz for dinner. It’s definitely not an expensive restaurant.

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Disclosure: I paid for my dinner on my own dime.

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