@GayCompatible’s Valentine’s Contest with @SeanHorlor and @OUTTv

Dating in Vancouver seems to be equally bad for straight and gay people, from what I can see (at least, from what people seem to tweet all the time!). I follow some of the GLBT online reporters, as well as Out TV, and so I noticed a contest that Gay Compatible was runing featuring my friend Sean Horlor. I caught up with him over coffee last week and asked him what Gay Compatible was and what was all this contest about. We took the opportunity to catch about everything we hadn’t been able to (we probably last chatted when we both covered the Winter Olympics 2010 Pride House). Sean emphasized that Gay Compatible is NOT about “the hookups” as commonly known, but more relationships.

It was interesting to see the contest, as it asked “where would you take Sean on a first date“. Seeing as I’m always keen to find new places in the Greater Vancouver area, I jokingly said to Sean “I know about 40 different places I could take you on a first date that wouldn’t be your standard, run-of-the-mill first-date“. I’m glad to see a dating website that at least purports to cater to dating and relationships. It’ll be interesting to see how Gay Compatible fares in the gay men dating market. And it was, as always, good to catch up with Sean.

The contest that Gay Compatible and Out TV have sounds like it has some really kick-ass prizes.

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