The Chuffin Café (Parksville, BC)

JT and I have been lamenting for years that, with the loss of Sodas Diner (which used to be on 33rd and Dunbar), we’ve basically lost our beloved 50s diner-style restaurant. Diner-style restaurants have a lot of meaning in his and my world, because our friendship grew as our visits to Sodas Diner were more frequent, and thus it holds a lot of sentimental value for the both of us.So you can imagine my excitement when I found ANOTHER 50s-style diner. The only little caveat? It’s on Vancouver Island, in Parksville (BC).

Chuffin Cafe (Parksville, BC)

Chuffin Cafe (Parksville, BC)But the decor is not only what makes it fun. The staff is fantastic. Owned by a team of Mom and daughter, the Chuffin Café provides your basic diner-style staples. And yes, the daughter does look like Marilyn Monroe! You can check for yourself. We (Mom, daughter and myself) had a fantastic time and talked for a long time about the history of Parksville, why restaurants close early, how they built the Chuffin Café, etc.

Chuffin Cafe (Parksville, BC)

Chuffin Cafe (Parksville, BC)I wasn’t really hungry so I only ordered a hot dog and a pop, but I looked at their menu and it seemed like a very nice place to have comfort food. While I chatted with the owners, a number of visitors came by and had dinner, so it’s definitely a popular place. Hopefully I’ll have dinner there again next time, when I come to Parksville for Uncorked!

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