The Diner’s Rendezvous (Nanaimo, BC)

On the first leg of my Vancouver Island book writing retreat, I made a quick stop in Nanaimo. Chelsea Barr from Destination Nanaimo invited me for dinner at The Diner’s Rendezvous the first night I arrived. Located in the Old Downtown Quarter (on Commercial Street), The Diner’s Rendezvous is a beautiful place with fantastic food and ambiance.

I ordered a Pasta San Jorge ($16, penne tossed with chorizo sausage in a sun dried tomato tapenade with fried capers & basil) which was incredibly flavourful and very filling. If you compare the price point and the quality I would say it’s at least as good as Q4 or Italian Kitchen, but a little less expensive. The Diner’s Rendezvous’ menu is varied and creative.

The Diner's Rendezvous (Nanaimo, BC)

The decor is absolutely beautiful.

The Diner's Rendezvous (Nanaimo, BC)

The Diner's Rendezvous (Nanaimo, BC)

And the starry-ceiling is spectacular.

The Diner's Rendezvous (Nanaimo, BC)

Overall, I strongly would recommend a visit to The Diner’s Rendezvous. It’s centrally located, the food is spectacular, the service is fantastic and the owner is an absolute sweetheart. Next time I am in Nanaimo I will definitely pay it a visit back.

Disclosure: My dinner was paid for by Chelsea Barr (Destination Nanaimo). I wasn’t paid to write this blog post, nor was I required to do so either. The purpose of this post just to describe my dinner experience at the restaurant. As with any review or complimentary post I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions/concern feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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KimberleyMarch 17th, 2012 at 11:09 am

I grew up in Nanaimo and dining “under the stars” was always a fun experience. It was one of the nicer restaurants back then. I’m so glad to hear the new owners have brought it back!

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