The Green Hornet (movie review)

I know that The Green Hornet got mixed reviews from a number of media outlets and I quite frankly don’t quite understand why. The thing is, unless you followed The Green Hornet’s mythology and history, you probably wouldn’t get much of what the movie is all about. Yes, it is self-contained. But the great thing about what Seth Rogen did with this movie is – it showed you the history of The Green Hornet AS WE KNEW IT. As we heard it (if you listened to the radio show) or as we saw it (I saw re-runs in my childhood).

I thoroughly enjoyed this remake because it stayed as true to the story of The Green Hornet as humanly possible, from what I can see. For those of you who didn’t see The Green Hornet show in your childhood, Britt Reid is a millionaire heir to a publishing empire (The Daily Sentinel). Reid’s father (founder and editor ) is found killed one day and Reid is left with leading the newspaper. In a city dominated by a gang overlord (watch for a fabulous cameo by James Franco, who apparently has become great friends with Seth Rogen), Reid becomes (rather accidentally and only thanks to his father’s former trusty aide, martial arts expert and tech geek Kato) The Green Hornet. Posing as criminals, The Green Hornet and Kato turn the city upside down and become its protectors with their rather unorthodox methods.

And the music – I LOVED IT. Despite the fact that the original theme is only played for about 30 seconds, the rest of the musical score is very enjoyable, powerful and filled with action themes. The original Green Hornet theme was a variation of the Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov (my brothers played Flight of the Bumblebee on the piano, so there are a number of additional sentimental connections to this movie). You can hear the original Green Hornet theme in the soundtrack of Kill Bill.

Of course, if you were expecting any seriousness in this movie, you’re expecting too much. The Green Hornet is a movie that you should go and see simply to spend 2 hours watching a mindless action flick (that, let me add, did NOT need 3D). I had an opportunity to see it at the Rio Theatre on Commercial and it was a lot of fun.

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