The Backstreet Pub (Royston, BC)

You may wonder “so, where exactly is Royston”. Well, Royston is where the Kingfisher Oceanside Spa and Suites is. And it’s just a few kilometres away from Courtenay and Comox. I did not know that. But I am glad I did not because it gave me an option to explore areas that I did not know very well before. During my stay at the Kingfisher I had dinner and breakfast there (posts forthcoming) but I wanted to check out any local pubs.

Well, there’s NOT a lot of local within walking distance of the Kingfisher, BUT there is a little market AND a pub. And you know me, I’m all about promoting the local guy, the unknown, the “dark horse”. So I ventured to the Backstreet Pub and was NOT disappointed. It was fun to see a local pub very well visited by local patrons. The Backstreet Pub offers traditional pub fare, but tasty and at somewhat wildly reasonable prices.

Backstreet Pub (Royston, BC)

Backstreet Pub (Royston, BC)

I ordered soup and a burger, simply because those are relatively safe options for lunch. The soup was very good and the service was impeccable. There’s also an ATM machine on site but they do take credit cards. It’s always nice to see local, small pubs thrive even when they look somewhat out of the beaten path. Next time I’m in Courtenay, regardless of whether I stay, I visit the Backstreet Pub at least once.

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livJanuary 21st, 2011 at 10:04 am

mm i love a good local pub. makes you feel instantly local and welcomed in a new place. that burger looks really good.

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