Romer’s Burger (Kitsilano, on 4th Avenue)

I try hard to make it to my good friends’ birthdays, but sometimes for one reason or another, that doesn’t work. So I always make at least a serious attempt at spending quality time with them on a one-on-one basis. This is the case with my friend Chris Walts, whom as you know, celebrated his birthday recently.

I was away on Vancouver Island on a writing retreat so I didn’t celebrate him on the actual day of his birthday. But we did end up going to Romer’s Burger this week because I had heard a lot about it and I wanted to try it. While I arrived a bit late and thus have no idea how good the service was before I got there, once I was there, we did get our food fairly promptly.

Romer's Burger (Kitsilano)

I ordered a SoCal Turkey Burger (Fraser Valley turkey, fresh-sliced avocado, Soleggiati tomatoes, organic watercress, red onion, orange mayo, $10) and Chris ordered a Green Chili Chicken Cheddar Burger (Lemon griddled free-run chicken breast, house-made green chili sauce, fresh avocado, minced red onion, plenty of cheddar, Habanero Pepper Verdelait, $12). To share, we ordered a basket of fries with 2 dips (aioli mayo and chipotle mayo).

Fries at Romer's Burger

I loved the fact that our fries seemed to have been dipped in garlic oil and freshly cut garlic. Chris is a bit more of a fries snob so he wasn’t all that impressed.

Romer's Burger (Kitsilano)

Overall, the food at Romer’s Burger is definitely delicious. I would totally come back for a burger any time (in fact, I am SO taking JT there for dinner next time we are supposed to be going out).

Disclosure: I paid for Chris and my dinner at Romer’s Burger on my own dime.

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Comments (3)

Just My OpinionJanuary 7th, 2011 at 5:44 pm

Hmm, other people are blogging that they enjoy the burgers there. I went once, there was only two other tables of customers at the time. The service was friendly and I have no concerns about that. The burger was a huge disappointment. It was overcooked to the point of being dry, the cheese was a minuscule little dab that I had to hunt for, and overall it was one of the worst burgers I ever had. I will go to Moderne Burger any day first.

RaulJanuary 7th, 2011 at 5:56 pm

@ Just My Opinion – Ouch. That’s really unfortunate. As I said, my burger was delicious so I’m hoping that your experience was just a bad one or maybe their early days? As I have said (and that’s why I post my disclosure statements always), I paid for my own dinner, so this is totally my experience. And Chris also enjoyed his. Hopefully Romer’s Burger’s management will check this post and will seek ways to improve (and hopefully if you come back, they’ll be able to give you a better burger!)

DoritaJanuary 21st, 2011 at 2:25 pm

I was there yesterday for dinner and like @just my opinion, I am also disappointed.
Our orders came really quick but some with their side orders, some not, and some with such a little piece of cheese that i had to ask the waitress if it really had any ( she showed me were the tiny piece of Stilton was located).
After the first bite I felt it needed a little bit of more flavor so i asked for some mustard. It arrived when I was almost done with it, even though we ask for it twice.
But it came, and I ate my last 2 bites with mustard.
The surprise came when we got the bill and we were charged for the mustard…
In a burgers restaurant you need to pay for a burger staple???
Well, not me or my friends ever again.
The $0.60 is not the problem, is the principle…
And it was my fault, really, I didn’t see it in the menu but, since when do I need to look for the extra charge ??? when this new trend started??
Maybe I am too old to agree with this trends….

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