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2010 has been a pretty good year. In April I started to write about Vancouver’s restaurant scene in a new blog that I thought no one would ever read. Luckily, yet at the same time inexplicably, people have been reading it, some even subscribing to it. I recently contacted Raul Pacheco of Hummingbird604.com and inquired about writing a guest blog and it occurred to me that I really wasn’t sure how I had ended up writing as much as I do.

Food is my passion, it brings people together like nothing else and that makes it easy to write about. People have to eat and reading about great food with an empty stomach can be a dangerous thing. The idea to start What’s For Lunch BC came from a former coworker named Dylan Redekop. I hadn’t seen or spoken to Dylan for a few years since we both found other jobs and then I noticed on Facebook that he had started a music blog called More Than A Feeling Music. I read his first few posts and was very impressed, it didn’t hurt that we are both into the same type of music. I thought that it was pretty cool that you could go to WordPress.com and in a few short minutes you had a great looking blog with mobile functionality and features that most budget web designers can’t offer, and it’s free!

Writing for me has become an outlet for creativity that I had buried under layers of responsibility and forgotten about. Writing about food has opened up a whole new world of people to meet and places to go with my wife and new daughter and has been a therapeutic way for me to deal with the grind of everyday life. I don’t consider myself a “Writer” as I do not have a formal background in it other than some Literature courses in High School and I feel that professional writers have earned that title. I am very proud to be called a Blogger and if you are a Blogger you should be proud too. It takes guts to put your thoughts and feelings out into the world and have people tell you if they like them or not. The most important thing that I have learned through reading other blogs and reading comments on my own blog is that if you write from the heart and add your own personality to your posts you will get a far better response than just writing an article.

Make every word count, don’t sweat it if people don’t agree with what you’re saying and take the time to respond to your readers comments, if it was important enough for them to comment on then it’s important enough for you to acknowledge their comment. Vancouver has some great bloggers and new bloggers such as myself have a responsibility to uphold the foundation they have built for us. Embrace social media for the amazing tool it is and don’t be afraid to try something new.

This guest post was contributed by Scott Graham from What’s For Lunch BC. In his own words…

Scott Graham is a blue collar hero by day, food lover and family man by night. Originally from Edmonton with a brief stopover in Toronto, Scott has lived in Greater Vancouver for over 20 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. When Scott is not eating great food you can find him toiling away in the elevator shafts of our fair city making sure you don’t have to take the stairs. You can read his blog at http://whatsforlunchbc.com/ or follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/WhatsForLunchBC

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