My Local Cafe (Kitsilano, 10th and Alma)

The Local Cafe Despite the fact that I teach at UBC, and that I was a graduate student there for my MBA/MEng and PhD degrees, I rarely come down to the intersection of Broadway and Alma (which used to be my local haunts). I’m either downtown, Mount Pleasant or some version of the southern hemisphere of Vancouver (aka Marpole, South Cambie, South Main). But since I hadn’t seen my good friend Lisa Thomas-Tench for a while, we decided to try My Local Cafe on 10th Avenue near Alma (between Alma and Highbury, not sure if that counts as Kitsilano, but for the sake of urban geography, let’s say it does). We just thought we should try it out.

Since it was near the university campus and I had to get back to grading, My Local Cafe seemed like the best option for a light lunch before going back to marking. Lisa ordered a large leek and potato soup and I ordered a portobello mushroom with aioli and hummus sandwich with a side of minestrone soup (which was a bit too dry, and that looked a bit strange).

Portobello mushroom sandwich wig minestrone soup at The Local Cafe

I found out via my good friend Janni Aragon that My Local Cafe offers a great variety of vegan and gluten-free options. While my lunch was extremely good (that sandwich was to-die-for) I was hoping that I’d have the energy to continue working – I couldn’t. I had to take a 30 minute nap at my office, because the sandwich was SO filling.

I’d strongly endorse My Local Cafe (and thanks Lisa for taking me there for lunch!). It’s a great option particularly for people who are vegan, vegetarian, love organic and gluten-free.

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