Free to Imagineer (Guest Post by @MikeVardy)

Free to Imagineeer

I’m five weeks removed from a job that required me to leave my house every day. Five weeks removed from working full time there and part time on creative work outside of…well…there. Five weeks removed from having my creative psyche hampered by what I considered a strong state of ‘whelm’, while my wife and friends probably called it over and above that.

As I sit writing this, I feel five weeks lighter.

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My creative psyche (as productivity expert David Allen would say) has been freed up. My perspective has become balanced, not buried in a pile of work I had to do and work I wanted to do. The opportunity came to follow a path far more suited to ‘imagineer’ and thrive, so I took it. Not an easy decision, but the right one.

How do I know that?

Well, my newborn son’s smile that I get to see far more often than I saw my daughter’s when she was a baby is one reason.

Having the opportunity to write a lot more — and with more craftsmanship than I have in some time — is another.

As a matter of fact, those are really the two things that have been the greatest rewards of walking away from an old routine and into a new one. The pay is the same, but the benefits are far greater — even though I still don’t have health coverage with the new gig. (My wife’s got that covered, anyway.)

Ideas are flowing, I get to watch my boy growing. Maybe it wasn’t that hard a decision to make after all.

So what’s stopping you from pursuing your passion and giving yourself the time to ‘imagineer’? Maybe you don’t need to ask yourself that question. But I bet you know someone who should.

Pass this on. It might just be the most productive thing you’ll ever do for them.

This guest post was contributed by Mike Vardy, a good friend of mine and great writer, as a guest post for

Mike Vardy is a writer/satirist based out of beautiful Victoria, BC. He’s currently waxing poetic as an idiotic productivity pundit at Eventualism and is the editor of the popular work/productivity site WorkAwesome. He now makes his living working from home watching his son smile and imagineering a lot.

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