The Charles Bar (Gastown)

So, despite the fact that I *did* get an invite to the opening night of The Charles Bar (and I actually have been invited to tweetups there, and stuff), I had not made it. Embarrassing, if you think about the fact that The Charles Bar is located at the Woodwards complex in Gastown. Literally, less than 5 blocks away from my office at The Network Hub. I know, I’m horrible.

But I digress. I never get a chance to spend enough time with my good friend Janice Mansfield and her sister Nicole, both of whom, like me, have an adoration for all things great food and awesome places. So during a very short stay they had in Vancouver (Janice lives in Victoria) we decided to go grab some drinks and food at The Charles Bar.

The Charles Bar (Gastown)

I ordered one of the traditional burgers ($12) and requested fries with truffle oil and lots of garlic (for an additional $2). With my meal I had a glass of a very good red wine (Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon, $6.75). Overall, the service was great and the food was comforting. The company was awesome, as I love Nicole and Janice. I’ll definitely come back to The Charles Bar.

Disclosure: I paid for my and my friends’ dinner and drinks out of my own dime.

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