Lady Marmalade (Victoria, BC)

Lady Marmalade (brunch, Victoria)There’s one thing that Twitter is good for: asking for recommendations for brunch places in a city that you probably don’t visit extremely often. Despite the fact that I’ve been to Victoria more times this year than when I was dating a Saanich resident, I still don’t know where the hot spots for brunch are. So, while I reviewed John’s Place recently, I hadn’t reviewed other places.

Many people recommended Lady Marmalade.. So JT took me there for brunch. I ordered a variation of huevos rancheros that left me a bit puzzled. While not bad, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the food. It was definitely good, but I’m not totally crazy about it, for some reason.

Lady Marmalade (brunch, Victoria)

Lady Marmalade (brunch, Victoria)

The prices were reasonable without being super cheap. Overall, I think I want to try more places in Victoria before making a decision on which one is my favorite.

Disclosure: JT paid for my and his brunch out of his own pocket.

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