The Pond Tapas Bar and Grill (Commercial Drive)

The Pond (Tapas Bar and Grill) [Commercial Drive]My good friend Chris Walts and I had been to The Pond Tapas Bar and Grill on Commercial Drive a few months ago, but truth be told, we never got around really sampling the food. So when my good friend Francisco Grajales III invited me to enjoy tapas at The Pond Tapas Bar and Grill, I figured “but, OF COURSE”. I haven’t really found another tapas place that I am totally enthralled with.

The Pond (Tapas Bar and Grill) [Commercial Drive]

The Pond (Tapas Bar and Grill) [Commercial Drive]

But now I do. The Pond Tapas Bar and Grill is going to be my next tapas favorite place. Even beyond La Bodega (which I also love).

The Pond (Tapas Bar and Grill) [Commercial Drive]

The Pond (Tapas Bar and Grill) [Commercial Drive]

The Pond (Tapas Bar and Grill) [Commercial Drive]

For obvious reasons I love Spaniard food. I love chorizo, I love olives, I love capers. Everything that has to do with Spain, I love (Flamenco, and Spaniard food). I will admit that The Pond offers Mex/Spa tapas. The spicy chorizo and spicy meat balls are definitely not Spanish, but more Mexican.

Cisco and I ordered chorizo tapas (a double plate, $6 each), albondigas ($6), ceviche ($7 if I’m not mistaken) and olives ($5 if I’m not mistaken). The chorizo and albondigas were very well done, although I expected the chorizo to be drier and more Spanish-like. The albondigas were to-die-for. The ceviche was most excellent, although not as spicy as I expected ceviche to be. Our bill came to about $50 before tax and tip (with wine included).

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with the music (which was fantastic), the food (which was awesome) and the space. Admittedly, we had the full The Pond for us because we arrived late. But our hostess/waitress was absolutely excellent. She kept the restaurant open even though it was late! Overall, big kudos to The Pond. I’ll certainly be back! Highly recommended.

Disclosure: Both Cisco and I paid for our dinner on our own dime.

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