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All my four brothers and myself were raised and trained in classical music. We all play piano (though I’d say my brothers play concert-level whereas I play recreational piano). One of my brothers and his family live in Calgary, and I visit them every year, either for summer or winter. Of course, I blog about Calgary too! Recently, with all the travel I have been doing, my friend Julie Ovenell-Carter connected me with Tourism Calgary, and they were kind enough to invite a guest blogger (in this case, my brother) to review the Mozart in the City series of concerts.

We jumped at the opportunity. We are so lucky with the many amazing things that Canadian cities offer, and we often don’t get to enjoy them because we don’t know about them. So I sent my brother (and his wife) as my guest reviewer for Mozart in the City, and he just sent me his first review (of Mozart & Salieri). Outstanding. Week 1 just ended, and Week 2 is under way, so you still have Week 3 to enjoy! Plus, there will be many other performances by the Calgary Philarmonic Orchestra.

From Monday, October 25th – Saturday, November 13th, Calgary is going to feel a little like 18th-century Vienna when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart invades the city’s concert halls, art galleries, restaurants and movie theatres this fall.

Tourism Calgary, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, EPCOR Centre, Calgary Cultural District, Calgary Downtown Association, Mount Royal University and the Art Gallery of Calgary have put their wigs together to create a jam-packed, three-week celebration of the iconic composer.

Performances by The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Maestro Roberto Minczuk take a musical journey through Mozart’s first and final symphonies and the greatest works ever written for piano, horn, violin and voice, featuring some of the biggest stars in the classical world such as Karen Gomyo and Jon Kimura Parker.

The CPO performances are presented by the Haskayne School of Business.

There are plenty more activities in the works for Classical Calgary, so you should NOT miss it. Follow @Calgary on Twitter and the #ClassicalCalgary hashtag for more information. To purchase tickets, you can click here, or to purchase a full package, click here.

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