The floating homes at Fisherman’s Wharf in James Bay (Victoria, BC) #yyj

I have a bit of an obsession for floating homes, as you can tell from my previous post on the floating homes in Granville Island (Vancouver, BC). So when I found out that there were floating homes at Fisherman’s Wharf in James Bay (in Victoria, BC), I realized I had arrived to my dream house (or set of houses, as you will).

James Bay (Fisherman's Wharf)

I went on a rather leisurely walk over to James Bay (I stayed at the Fairmont Empress during my recent visit to Victoria) and strolled around the floating homes that I found at Fisherman’s Wharf in James Bay. Since it was close to Hallowe’en, many houses were decorated with Hallowe’en motives.

James Bay (Fisherman's Wharf)

From the Floating Homes in Victoria page:

In 1922, float planes used to carry the mail between Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle moored here. Also in the ‘20s, the immigration centre served as a detention centre for illegal immigrants and wayward foreign sailors. Many Japanese mail order brides were processed in the facility from 1908 until 1928.

By the 1940s, floathomes were here, supported by rafts of huge, cedar logs. They were built in response to a need for affordable housing. World War II saw a growing industry in shipbuilding, especially of steel freighters. Before the shipbuilding operation closed in 1967, a number of BC ferries and even a deep-sea oil drilling rig were built on these shores.

James Bay (Fisherman's Wharf)

The prices on those homes are actually quite affordable if you consider they are a mere 10 minutes away from the downtown core in Victoria. If I had the money, I totally would buy one!

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